Flow Control Building Blocks

The Fundamentals of Motion and Flow Controls


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Reliable Control Components for Every Application

Drawing from our wide range of proven components and our deep understanding of specialty motion and flow controls, our engineers can design the optimal solution for your most demanding application.

Alignment Fittings

Marotta's Flo-Fit is a patented fitting that eliminates pipe alignment problems, reduces stress and provides a leak-free assembly unaffected by shock, vibration or thermal distortion.

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Automatic Stop / Excess Flow Check Valves
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Marotta's patented Flo-Fuse Automatic Stop / Excess Flow Check Valve closes rapidly in the event of a downstream line failure.  Flo-Fuse is engineered for liquid or gas systems in which a ruptured or otherwise failed line would be a major safety or environmental concern.

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 Check Valves - In-Line, Low Pressure-Drop
check valve space

The low pressure-drop design of Marotta's CVM Series check valves makes them an ideal choice for a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic applications that require a compact, lightweight package.  

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chilled water

The Marotta MV286A Series valves were developed to provide reliable control for air conditioning chilled water systems.

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In-Line Valve Systems

Marotta's In-Line Series of valves offers extremely high flow capability with the ultimate in compactness.  These two features were achieved by designing cylindrical shaped bodies that are slightly larger than the line size being used. 

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We integrate the functionality of a wide range of components into a single manifold, providing the flexibility to match products to specific requirements for efficiency and ease of maintenance.  Our offerings range from a simple single inlet to multiple outlets, to multi-chambered flow control units including integral valves and interfaced to electronic networks.   

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Motor Operated Pilot Valves

Marotta's Motor Operated Pilot Valves integrate advanced materials and electronics to reduce weight, life-cycle costs, and corrosion sensitivity of shipboard fluid control systems.  Using a self-contained seawater valve, this 4-way, 2-position valve provides two control functions, as a four-port master MOPV and a three-port service MOPV.

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mfv family collage

Isolate and Regulate:  The special multi-function characteristics of this valve family mean that JUST ONE VALVE can be used for isolation and regulation - which with conventional valves would require several different devices. Engineered for the most extreme environments. 

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Panel Assemblies

Marotta panel assemblies guarantee a compatible system by using components that have been tested together and operate in sync with one another.  Controls are engineered and arranged to improve performance, save space and refine operating procedures, thereby reducing the chance of error. 

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 piezo family

Advanced Piezo Technology: Super-fast <0.5 millisecond respnose, with super-low power draw. Pressures up to 10,000 psig with proportional control capabilities. Ready for a wide range of demanding applications.   

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MPower is a new range of innovative, advanced high power density power supply and power conversion solutions for use in mission critical applications.  These ruggedized 3-phase AC to DC power supply and power conversion systems incorporate the latest technology for temperature and voltage controls with near 1.0 power factor, 2000 W steady state output power, 28 VDC isolated output and 90% efficiency at full temperature range.    

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Pressure Reducing Valve Manifolds

Pressure reducing valve manifold series, accommodates any combination of one or two reducers and relief valves. 

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Pressure Regulators / Reducers

Marotta’s pressure regulators / reducers provide precise adjustment across a wide range of flows and pressures.  Stand alone and cartridge designs, spring and dome references, and pneumatically controlled (piloted). 

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Quick Closing Valves

The Marotta SPV82 Series Quick Closing Valve boasts a simple overriding release mechanism which provides emergency closing/opening in milliseconds.   

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Relief Unloading Valves
relief unloading

Unloading valves are pressure-control devices that are used to dump excess fluid when the line pressure reaches a pre-set value.  A typical application is for the Helicopter In-Flight Refueling System (HIFR).  Once the fuel tank is full the unloading valve will open returning additional fuel back to the sump tank.   

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Relief Valves

Complete line of soft opening and closing relief valves for high pressure applications with excellent, repeatable control and a tight cracking/reseat pressure band due to upstream pressure control. 

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Solenoid Valves

Marotta is the worldwide standard in solenoid valves for Aerospace, Marine and Space applications.  With over 65 years of experience and hundreds of patents in-house, we have the widest selection of solenoids as well as the expertise to design and manufacture solutions to suit your requirements.   

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Solenoid, Multi-Configuration, Self-Manifolding Valve

Our self-manifolding valve with variable mounting positions is the ultimate answer to system designing and multiple valve applications. 

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Special Purpose Valves

Serving the specialized needs of military and space customers, Special Purpose Valves feature more complexity in design and manufacturing methods, use a wider variety of materials, and are used to control the more difficult applications – nuclear energy, jet propulsion, manned space applications, high pressure processes and cryogenics, to name a few. 
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Subsea - Deep Submergence Valves

For valve applications that are external to the pressure hull on submersibles and submarines, Marotta can supply subsea (submersible) valves of all different valve types.  We have the in-house capabilities to design and test valves that will see in excess of 13,500 psig ambient external pressure. 

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