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Meet Marotta at Joint Propulsion Conference

aiaa inside page banner

Meet the Marotta Controls Team at the 

AIAA Joint Propulsion Conference


San Jose, CA - July 15-17 - Booth 310


Visit our stand and learn more about our patented Multi-Function Valve (MFV) - flight qualified on ESA's GOCE satellite currently in orbit. The unique characteristics of the MFV offers many of the high performance features demanded by ion and Hall thrusters for satellite and spacecraft propulsion systems. The MFV has been tested with commonly used electric propulsion thrusters with remarkable results.   

Additionally the Multi-Function Valve offers system designers felxibility and technically superior performance, providing mass flow and/or pressure regulation combined with positive shut off in a single component.                        

For more than 50 years Marotta Controls' pressurization and propulsion controls have provided reliable, cost effective performance without compromise to commercial and military spacecraft. Set up a meeting with Kurt Black or Bryan Reid to learn more.

Set up a meeting at the show:

Kurt Black, Manager Space Systems - 

Bryan Reid, Director International Markets -